How It Works

AirSurfer Wireless is the ideal choice for High Speed Internet access in rural areas or locations where conventional high speed access is not available. Our technicians install the compact equipment at your premises (home or office) and your connection can be up and running in just one day, with no additional software to install.


The communications tower is the central hub for the AirSurfer Wireless network. It receives the uplink from our offices in Downtown Edmonton via a high capacity wireless link. The tower is equipped with access points that cover a full 360° area.

Customer Equipment

The Subscriber Module (SM) is mounted on the outside of your house and provides the high-speed link to the tower. Our professional installers ensure that the equipment is securely installed and cables correctly run to the inside of your premises. Power for the device is provided along the same cable as the network therefore only one cable needs to be run from the outside. Should the need arise, a passive reflector may be mounted behind the SM to obtain optimal connection speeds. An Ethernet connection to your computer or router completes the connection to the AirSurfer Wireless network.